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Past Winners

Exhibit Design Awards
Design Dichotomy
Mirrored surfaces and varying textures lead to a Gold Award for Faraday & Future.

Exhibit Design Awards
The Light Stuff
Studio Cima's award-winning debut exhibit is a nuanced study of line and shape.

Exhibit Design Awards
Light Boxes
Even more impressive than Two Parts LLC's inventive booth design was the budget it took to build: a mere $680.

Exhibit Design Awards
Split Personality
Ledvance GmbH takes home a Silver Award for combining modern and vintage aesthetics in one narrative-driven exhibit.

Exhibit Design Awards
Form and Function
Doka GmbH's campus-inspired exhibit makes the grade -- and earns a Silver Award.

Exhibit Design Awards
Monkey Business
MailChimp wins a Silver Award for its transportive debut exhibit draped in copper mesh.

Exhibit Design Awards
Black Market
Nearly void of graphic images and text, the stand for Insta Elektro GmbH maintained a laser-tight product focus.

Exhibit Design Awards
House Party
Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. takes a Bronze Award for its New Orleans-themed experiential exhibit.

Exhibit Design Awards
Lord of the Rings
Intel wanted an instantly engaging focal element that would entice visitors to see the technology as a unified whole.

Exhibit Design Awards
Baby Grand
Munchkin Inc. receives the coveted EDGE Award for an exhibit filled with fanciful product installations.

Exhibit Design Awards
Building Blocks
Kikkerland's 10-by-20-foot structure is built almost entirely from The Container Store's clear plastic storage bins.

Exhibit Design Awards
Energy Star
Balkans oil company SOCAR's clever floor graphics help the firm claim a Bronze Award.

Exhibit Design Awards
The Thin Blue Line
How do you make an exhibit open and inviting, yet still suitable for your brand's Goliath status in the industry?

Exhibit Design Awards
Breathing Room
Made of spandex stretched over an aluminum frame, Genentech Inc's 30-by-15-foot Breathing Wall inhaled and exhaled.

Exhibit Design Awards
Natural Selection
Volvo Group Colombia S.A.S.'s exhibit employs eco-friendly building materials.

Exhibit Design Awards
Structural Support
A series of five identical, tensioned-fabric structures created intimate spaces within Autodesk's exhibit.

Exhibit Design Awards
The Magic Kingdom
Marketers at Wizards of the Coast wanted attendees to escape into the world of Magic: The Gathering.

Exhibit Design Awards
Deep-Rooted Design
This elaborate booth, featuring a central trunk, cantilevered canopy, and meeting area, appears to defy gravity.

Exhibit Design Awards
Flights of Fancy
Duncan Aviation's exhibit features a cloud-filled canopy of employee photos watching over their clients' aircraft.

Exhibit Design Awards
Enchanted Garden
Garden of Life approached its exhibit designers with a peculiar request: Create a larger-than-life garden scape.

Exhibit Design Awards
Timeless Tiles
How do you promote the entire Italian-tile industry with only 10 pieces of tile? Use a little thing called restraint.

Exhibit Design Awards
Colorful Cubism
Sonance wins Best of 30 Years with the help of Pentagram SF Inc.

Exhibit Design Awards
Stage Craft
The Custom Electronic Designers and Installers Association (CEDIA) used an artfully subtle metaphor to set the stage.

Exhibit Design Awards
The Container Store
Comprising two 40-foot shipping containers, SimpleHuman LLC's exhibit was a hybrid of mechanism and minimalist design.

Exhibit Design Awards
Light Minded
How do you turn a giant white box into a captivating exhibit design?

Exhibit Design Awards
Logo Motion
When in doubt, start with the logo. It's a cardinal rule for corporate branding, exhibits included.

Exhibit Design Awards
Up Against the Wall
SAP SuccessFactors constructed a climbing wall that became a soaring centerpiece for its 2,000-square-foot exhibit.

Exhibit Design Awards
Life's a Beach
Salesforce.com's exhibit at CeBIT was a tropical oasis in hues of purple, yellow, green, pink, and blue.

Exhibit Design Awards
The Thin Red Lines
When Wargaming Europe wanted to promote its video games at Gamescom, they used WWII military histories for inspiration.

Exhibit Design Awards
Cementing an Image
Eternit constructed booths using its own fiber-cement boards, turning the structures themselves into product displays.

Exhibit Design Awards
Angles Among Us
By aligning product areas with consumer ideologies, Schattdecor's exhibit designers made visitors feel understood.

Exhibit Design Awards
Munchkin Land
Within Munchkin Inc.'s exhibit, the product functioned not only as the hero, but also as the central display medium.

Exhibit Design Awards
Pause and Effect
Milwaukee-based exhibit house Derse Inc. wanted to create a retreat as restful as a park and as rejuvenating as a spa.

Exhibit Design Awards
Shock and Awe
Raw. Edgy. Stark. This exhibit for bicycle suspension fork manufacturer RockShox Inc. was a purist's dream.

Exhibit Design Awards
Rainbow Bright
Despite having its exhibit budget reduced by 30 percent, Intel still wanted to leave an impression on CES attendees.

Exhibit Design Awards
Good Housekeeping
Kid-centric aesthetics combined with a level of sophistication made this exhibit a winner.

Exhibit Design Awards
A House Divided
Eternit AG takes home a Gold Award for this minimalist design.

Exhibit Design Awards
To Infinity and Beyond
A Silver Award goes to Studio Dega for a design that pairs LEDs with fabric panels.

Exhibit Design Awards
Curiosity Cubed
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in this exhibit, it also attracted the attendees.

Exhibit Design Awards
Bottle Service
Derse Inc. reaches out to exhibit managers via a utilitarian exhibit with a message-in-a-bottle theme.

Exhibit Design Awards
Battle Station
Crowded as the beaches on D-Day, this booth won an unconditional victory over attendees.

Exhibit Design Awards
Phone Booth
Natural wonders get new life in this EDGE Award-winning exhibit for Yota Devices Ltd.

Exhibit Design Awards
Hall of Frame
This exhibit for Eduard Kronenberg GmbH proves when dolled up in a sophisticated design, even steel framing can be a...

Exhibit Design Awards
Smoke House
General Cigar Co. smoked the competition with an unusual booth and a little storytelling.

Exhibit Design Awards
Garden Party
Kohlhaas builds a conceptual garden and harvests a Gold Award in this year's competition.

Exhibit Design Awards
Artist in Residence
This exhibit invites visitors into the cozy intimacy of the House of Arting.

Exhibit Design Awards
Black Light
Oligo Lichttechnik GmbH receives a Gold Award for its striking black and white booth.

Exhibit Design Awards
Wood Working
An "undo" theme helps D'art Design Gruppe GmbH create a Gold Award-winning interactive space.

Exhibit Design Awards
Force of Nature
A nature-inspired exhibit helps Walter Knoll AG & Co. KG take home a Gold Award in this year's competition.

Exhibit Design Awards
String Theory
Eleven miles of polypropylene cord wraps up a Silver Award for Brunner GmbH.

Exhibit Design Awards
Bait and Pitch
Rustic design elements help Dolly Varden Outdoor Clothing's exhibit win a Silver Award.

Exhibit Design Awards
Social-Media Machine
By appealing to its target market's affinity for selfies, Scion's in-booth experience was picture perfect.

Exhibit Design Awards
Drawing Inspiration
Plan-j GmbH uses a concept-sketching activity to demo the firm's creative process in this Bronze Award-winning booth.

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