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Eligibility Categories
The competition is open to pavilions, presentations, and pavilion elements appearing at Expo 2017 (the world’s fair in Astana Kazakhstan).
Projects may be entered in multiple categories, but each category submission will require an additional fee.
Best Pavilion: All pavilions that are part of Expo 2017 are eligible to enter this category, including corporate pavilions, country pavilions, theme pavilions, etc. Judges will consider all elements of the pavilion, from exterior design to interior design to the overall attendee experience (including any activities, interactives, presentations, etc.). All entries in the Best Pavilion category are automatically eligible for the People’s Choice award (which will be determined via online vote).
Best Exterior Design: All pavilions that are part of Expo 2017 are eligible to enter this category, including corporate pavilions, country pavilions, theme pavilions, etc. Judges will consider only the entries’ exterior design, along with information regarding the inspiration behind the design.
Best Small Pavilion: Freestanding pavilions that are 200 square meters (656 square feet) or less and small pavilions (200 square meters or less) that are housed within larger structures are eligible. Judges will consider the design of the pavilion, as well as any activities, interactives, etc. All entries in the Best Small Pavilion category are automatically eligible for the People's Choice award (which will be determined via online vote).
Best Activity/Interactive: This category is open to any activity or interactive experience within a pavilion. Entries may include hands-on or virtual experiences where attendees interact with a staffer, a kiosk, a touchscreen, or any other element within the pavilion. An interactive that employs technology is eligible for entry in both the Best Activity/Interactive and Best Use of Technology categories.
Best Interpretation of Theme: Entries must explain how the pavilion and/or presentation interpreted the theme “Future Energy” and/or related sub themes.
Best Presentation: Entries may include live, multimedia, or prerecorded video presentations. Judges may consider everything from the effectiveness of the presentation medium to the impact of key messaging to the memorability of the presentation as a whole (including the design of the presentation space, if applicable).

Best Use of Technology: This category is open to any application of technology within a pavilion. Entries may include anything from immersive large-scale projection to augmented-reality applications to hand-held interactive devices to robotics and more. Judges will look for innovation, evaluating entries based on the uniqueness of the application and how the technology enhances the attendee experience.

Elements and Details: Entries may include any innovative elements or materials that are part of a larger exhibit or pavilion, or an individual exhibit that doesn’t function as a pavilion. Entries can include anything from a unique stairway, lounge, or reception desk, to an eye-catching display, light fixture, seating ensemble, presentation stage – or even a culturally significant conference room, ceiling element, wall, etc. Innovative materials can include anything from sod to recycled bowling balls to tree bark. Judges will consider the aesthetics, appropriateness, and overall impact of each entry. Entrants can submit photos and textual descriptions of up to three individual elements per entry fee in this category.

The Judges

A multidisciplinary
panel of design
experts will judge
the competition.

Judges will evaluate entries based on their aesthetics, functionality, and innovation, and how well they meet category descriptions.

Click on a photo to view bios of this year's judges.


Expo 2017 Award winners and Honorable Mentions will be selected at the judges’ discretion (awards may not be granted in all categories, and size restrictions may be altered at the judges’ discretion). Winners will be notified by Aug. 31, 2017. Winners will receive a free custom trophy.
People's Choice/Editor's Choice
All entrants in the Best Pavilion and Best Small Pavilion categories that provide appropriate photos will be eligible for the People's Choice Award. All entrants are eligible for the Editor's Choice Award.

How To Enter

Step 1: Submission Instructions
Download the detailed, printable Submission Instructions, which will fully explain the following requirements and the entire submission process.

Step 2: Form/Fee
Fill out the online entry form and remit payment via credit card.

Step 3: PowerPoint/Summary
Download the PowerPoint Template and prepare a written project description and low-res visuals via PowerPoint format. (Submit via Dropbox.com). Additional written text will also be accepted as Word documents.

Step 4: Art/Visuals
Use Dropbox.com to submit high-res images.

Step 5: Videos, Renderings, Ancillary Descriptions (optional)
Use Dropbox.com to submit any additional videos, descriptions (in Word format), and renderings of the project that you wish the judges to consider.


Contact Linda Armstrong,

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