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Conference: March 29 - April 2, 2020       Exhibit Hall: March 30 - April 1, 2020       Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
 MONDAY  8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Track: Management & Leadership
Conversations That Matter: Know Exactly What to Say to Manage Up - and Down
Have you ever wished you could get your manager to do something or struggled with a micro-manager colleague? Do you want to get your people to perform at high levels on a consistent basis? In other words, do you want to become more effective in how you manage up - and how you manage down? This session will teach you how to use specific, strategic, and simple conversations to achieve this goal. Learn why these conversations are so effective and exactly how you need to phrase your communications to maximize your results. Leave ready to:
 •  Influence the behavior of upper management in a way that will actually help them motivate you better
 •  Manage micro-managers
 •  Build trust, accountability, and responsibility among team members
 •  Create a framework for addressing conflict among team members and stop spending your time dealing with drama
 •  Recognize your people in a way that they'll remember for years
CTSM Candidates with 5 or more years of experience may take this session in place of certain five-digit required sessions, with prior approval.

Pete Smith, president, SmithImpact
Being called "one of America's leading personal and professional development coaches," Pete Smith is one of the most sought-after international speakers and trainers in the field of leadership, management, personal growth and development. His energetic, witty, and interactive style is complimented by his ability to provide practical takeaways that actually work, all while having a little fun in the process.

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