Thank you for another great show! Next year's EXHIBITORLIVE will be held March 29 - April 2, 2020.
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The Professional Development Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing
Conference: February 24-28, 2019             Exhibit Hall: February 25-27, 2019             Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Expo Stars to Showcase the Power of iMA Communication Styles at EXHIBITORLIVE
Expo Stars, a UK based tradeshow engagement agency will be showcasing the iMA communication tool at EXHIBITORLIVE as part of its service offering that includes the provision of Attendee Engagement Strategies, Professional Booth Staff and Exhibitor Education programmes to Exhibitors, Organisers and Contractors.

MD Lee Ali, an accredited practitioner of iMA, explains “Have you ever clashed with a colleague while exhibiting at a trade show? Or felt like you’ve been misunderstood by an attendee? This can happen when you’re poles apart in personality.

The good news: there is a super-easy way to avoid most future communication conflicts.

When it comes to being successful at a trade show (or work in general!), how well you interact with others is everything.

Whether you’re captaining a team or working side-by-side with booth staff, you need mutual trust, respect and empathy to optimise professionalism, togetherness and attendee engagement. The iMA communication tool is about helping you and others understand your main personality traits and how that affects the way you communicate and understand others, and in a trade show environment getting that human connection right is vital to success. We apply this tool to help us match the right booth staff to our client and understand the profile of the target audience that our clients are looking to engage with.

To learn how it works, what the test tells you about your team and your target audience and how you can use it to supercharge teamwork and maximise your trade show performance please click here:

It only takes two minutes to complete the quiz, and it can be accessed at Once its been completed, you can share the results with your team and encourage them to take the test too.

At EXHIBITORLIVE, Lee will be demonstrating how to incorporate iMA into building a high performance booth team and create a winning attendee engagement strategy.

To learn more about iMA please visit the Expo Stars booth #1608 at EXHIBITORLIVE.