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10810 West Little York, Ste 100
Houston, TX 77041 

Phone: 713-856-8853
Toll-Free: 844-298-2732
Fax: 713-856-8854
Email: pswords@ExcaliburExhibits.com
Web: www.ExcaliburExhibits.com

 Company Description
Exhibit managers have one of the highest stress-level jobs around. In Tradeshow Executive’s recent Corporate Research Roundup, they note that event coordinator ranks as the 5th most stressful occupation in the United States. This stress level is based on factors such as travel, deadlines, physical demands, and working under public scrutiny (sound familiar?). Which four jobs have higher stress? They are military professionals, firefighters, airline pilots, and police officers. Ouch!

When we started Excalibur, we understood the stress factor for exhibit managers. This is the main reason we created the company. Our mission is to reduce stress and provide peace-of-mind through unparalleled show management and exhibit construction. We want to be the company you outsource your stress to!

Because Excalibur’s been in business since 1997, we’ve pretty much seen it all and worked through it all. And when we say “it all,” we mean things like, translating the way-too-many acronyms in the industry and how to talk to each union member in each city and venue, precisely what can and cannot be done in each show, venue, city, management. What “battles” we can win and which ones we just have to live with. Which “unknown” expenses will surprise clients the most and how to account for them.

Yes, we’ve won numerous awards for our clients in creating incredible experiences for them and their customers. And we’ve done it in all 50 U.S. states, in Canada, and places like Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Beijing, and Canada.

But what we’re most proud of, is how we’ve helped our clients improve their businesses during these face-to-face, experiential marketing events. Because our clients know we are taking care of all the details and busywork, they are free to work creatively with us on exhibit strategy and vision. They know they can count on us to transform their vision into the perfect experience.

And maybe that perfect experience is a custom-built booth in Moscow or Iowa. Or, perhaps it’s reconfiguring a rental that feels customized just for them. It’s undoubtedly our event management skillset and every-last-detail commitment to each of our clients.

Another thing we’re very proud of is our heritage. Excalibur was founded by a true pioneer. Peggy Swords is the first female fabricator in Texas and one of the first in the entire U.S. She doesn’t like “no” when “yes” is an option; even if it’s the more challenging road.

So as you’re looking for new ways to “activate” your brand, bring memorable experiences to your customers, share your story, stay on budget, and honor your company heritage, ask us to help. We’d be honored, and you have our guarantee, you’ll be stress-free and delighted. Please call us at 844-298-2732 or send an email. And, thank you. We are always rooting for you!
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