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Conference: February 24 - 28, 2019
Exhibit Hall: February 25 - 27, 2019

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 MONDAY  3:45 PM - 5:15 PM
Track: Exhibits, Experiences, Events

M614 Best Practices
Intel Corporation: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out on the Trade Show Floor
Learn how to stand out on the show floor. Go behind the scenes of Intel's award-winning process for building a meaningful, measurable trade show activations for CES (International Consumer Electronic Show). Explore event strategy, environmental design, live experiences, social engagements, measurement and more. Learn to:
 •  Craft an event activation based on your brand or event strategy to create a smart, purposeful and exciting trade show environment
 •  Understand the characteristics of a dynamic and industry-recognized booth design
 •  Create engaging and relevant live experiences for your brand and extend them via social channels
 •  Develop metrics that align with event strategy to measure impact and marketing performance

Victor Torregroza
Victor Torregroza is Brand Experiences Program Manager, Global Event Marketing, for Intel Corporation. He is responsible for the strategic implementation of Intel's most dynamic trade show experiences. Victor is a passionate pioneer of experiential marketing at Intel and the architect of Intel's enhanced face-to-face experiential activations. He believes in keeping the experiences simple, authentic, shareable, and delightful. His mantra, 'we eat with our eyes', informs his passion for bold, breathtaking experience design.

Connect with Victor Torregroza:

Additional sessions presented by Victor Torregroza:
T656 Reimagine Your 10' x 10' Exhibit

Michael Klym
As VP Creative Director, Michael is responsible in establishing strategic direction and subsequent interpretations into three-dimensional environments ensuring objectives are met at the highest level. His focus in the area of brand marketing and corporate identity through design and digital integration has led him to produce international events and innovative environments for several Fortune 500 industry leaders. Michael is a graduate of Ontario College of Arts and Design University.

Connect with Michael Klym:

Additional sessions presented by Michael Klym:
T656 Reimagine Your 10' x 10' Exhibit

Joe Federbush
President/Chief Strategist of EVOLIO Marketing, with over 20 years in the event marketing industry, Joe works with major brands like Intel, Microsoft, Philips, GE, and Symantec conducting research, measuring their exhibit and event success, and helping develop and execute impactful strategies worldwide. Joe delivers actionable insights that help companies execute more efficiently and deliver greater return on investment (ROI) and objectives (ROO).

Connect with Joe Federbush:

Additional sessions presented by Joe Federbush:
T10818 How To Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part I: Basic Concepts
T10918 How to Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part II: Practical Application
T114 You Know What to Measure - But How Do You Actually Measure It?
M10818 How To Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part I: Basic Concepts
M10918 How to Measure the Value of Trade Show Participation - Part II: Practical Application

Katharine Lentini-Judah
Katharine Lentini-Judah is a storyteller who has helped to craft, curate and deliver the worlds most recognizable events, including @NBA All Star Weekend (2000-2009), @Olympics in Vancouver (2010) and @CES for Intel (2011-2017). Her experience in live event programming and entertainment spans 20 years and 12 countries.

Connect with Katharine Lentini-Judah:

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