If time is of the essence, Tadd Sales Rebel by Tadd Innovations Inc. may be the solution. The portable, self-contained audio-video display sets up in about a minute, without the need for mounting brackets or hardware. Users simply roll the product into place using a handle and wheels that are discreetly incorporated into the unit’s design. Once the unit is in place, users flip open the top of the pod (which measures 40-by-25 inches, with a depth of 20 inches), plug it in, press a button on the control pad, and raise the high-definition, 32-inch flatscreen monitor to the desired height (up to a maximum elevation of roughly 6 feet). A convenient retractable table adds to the Sales Rebel’s functionality.
Contact: Tadd Innovations Inc., Farmingdale, NY, 631-694-2490,

Build an interactive presentation screen to the size you need with the MultiTouch Cell. The LCD display screen allows attendees to interact with photos, presentations, text, and audio files by simply touching available on-screen options and viewing or listening to the content. Each 32- or 46-inch MultiTouch Cell can be connected to other Cells to make one large display area of as many Cells
as you need, all of which reproduce images in high-definition clarity.
Contact: MultiTouch Ltd., Helsinki, Finland,

Slip a little light into your exhibit with the Light Pocket from Fairfield Displays & Lighting Inc. The Light Pocket comprises an acrylic panel with LEDs imbedded in it, allowing for an even spread of light, which diffuses across the whole panel and creates a bright-white, edge-lit border. Offering 100,000 hours of lamp life, the LED lighting is economical and energy efficient. An acrylic “pocket” attaches to the panel, creating a space into which a graphic can be slipped. Exhibitors can change out their graphics or posters in a snap by simply inserting or removing them via the top of the graphic pocket. Light Pockets can be suspended from Fairfield’s cable and rod systems. Both single and double-sided options come in 8.5-by-11 inch, 16-by-20 inch, and A4-A2 standard-paper sizes, but custom sizing is also available.
Contact: Fairfield Displays & Lighting Inc., Harleysville, PA, 800-496-2181,

Make your logo and brand messaging the center of attention with Aluvision’s round fabric display system, i.e., the Lumi Vision. Its LED light source eliminates uneven shadowing and ensures that displays are uniformly illuminated — even at rounded perimeters. Display frames are fabricated of lightweight aluminum extrusion. The system also includes quick-latching mechanisms for easy exchange of circular fabric pieces that are available in standard diameters of approximately 19.5 inches, 39 inches, 48 inches, and 78 inches, which include LED wattages of 35, 120, 180, and 400, respectively. Dye-sublimated fabrics come in various shades of white and can be printed in all colors and include any image.
Contact: Aluvision, Deinze, Belgium,

Next time you’re having trouble visualizing a new booth design, you can make your own renderings online with Babycad, a new web-based 3-D rendering tool. Simply visit the Babycad website and set the booth-space dimensions to your project’s size. Next, select common booth elements from an on-screen menu. You can add items such as back walls, display stands, reception desks, conference tables, and kiosks. No design experience or special computer skills are required; if you can visualize it, you can build it. When your project is completed, simply print the 3-D renderings — which can be shown in various angles, e.g., overhead, side view, etc. — to view your new booth design. You can also sign up for a Babycad ProAccount and save your 3-D rendering to update or modify at a later time.
Contact: Aarkid Ltd., East Lothian, Scotland, 44-141-4160102,

Help quiet barking dogs (i.e., your tired feet) at your next trade show with the Vigor Anti-Fatigue Mat from PosterGarden. Positioned near reception desks, counters, or meeting areas, the 2-by-3-foot polyurethane mat provides a cushion for booth staffers who stand for long periods of time during a trade show. The black mat features a chemical-resistant surface that can be hosed down or swept off at the end of the day.
Contact: PosterGarden, Portland, OR, 800-707-0204,

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